1 Cup Coffee Maker You Are Looking For

If you are purchasing a 1 cup coffee maker, do you know exactly what you are going to get? Many people thought that single serve coffee maker and 1 cup coffee maker are the same thing, so it is really the same?

The thing is, coffee makers do not really have a guide book to give an exact definition on the differences between the machines. In fact, the word coffee maker is now being used to meant for every piece of machines that brews coffee, which in the beginning, it was a term meant for drip filter coffee maker.

Thus, it is not wrong to equate 1 cup coffee maker to single serve coffee maker. However, the manufacturers does differentiate between the two and each machine actually belongs to different genre.

1 cup coffee maker falls under the drip filter category while single ratio eight coffee maker serve coffee maker belongs to the pod coffee maker group. And being in different category also meant that the pricing for these machines are very different.

A one cup coffee maker seldom cost more than $50 while an average single serve coffee maker would easily retail about $100. Of course, the price difference also meant different capability.

When using a 1 cup coffee machine, it is like using a drip filter coffee maker, with the only difference being the number of serves. The greatest value add of the one cup coffee maker in this case is the single brew, mitigating the problem of wastage.

But a single serve coffee maker is using entirely different technology. The coffee are extracted from what is known as coffee pods and coffee is brewed and serve with a press of button. And as every pod is sealed and packed to the requirement of the coffee maker, every brew you extract would be the same, so consistency is there.

The single serve coffee maker also requires minimum cleaning, after the brew, one just need to discard the spent coffee pods. The one cup machine on the other hand, would require cleaning and flushing of the machine.

You can look at it this way: the higher price that you paid for a single serve coffee machine, allows you to brew coffee with minimum fuss and also gives you consistency in quality.

Well, if you are still reading and are very sure that it is one cup coffee maker that you are looking for, then my recommendation would be a “Brook stone” single cup coffee maker.

I am highlighting “Brook stone” because I find that for a one cup coffee maker, convenience is key. And this coffee maker with its permanent filter and thermal travel mug gives you that convenience.

With a permanent filter, all you need to do is to discard and rinse the filter for the next use, a thermal mug allows you to brew coffee and enjoy it later without the worry of it turning cold and losing its flavor.


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