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The other day I was surfing through news channels, one small story caught my attention:

Experts design tiny beads to monitor blood sugar. Just as I switched over to another one, it was covering a few International Beads Festivals held across different parts of the globe.

All this made me think, what is it about the beads that it is making news everywhere? As far as I knew, all that they are used in was jewellery and that’s it. The curiosity bug got better of me and I did a Google search for beads and their uses. I guess that helped me become a bit more informed about beads as my earlier vision was obscured by clouds of ignorance. Below is a quick analysis of what I learnt.

Beads have been a part of our history for a long time. Since ancient times they has been used by masses, not just for jewellery purposes but also for healing and meditation purposes.

In meditation the use of beads is still quite popular. One possible reason could be that it is generally assumed that beads helps in concentrating towards enlightenment! If you have an eye for detail and good observation skills it wouldn’t be too tough to see that beads are a common thread between all the religions!!

As far as jewellery is concerned, we are experiencing a real renaissance these days. The handmade jewellery is all over the places and is in high demand. Women loves them, as it gives them lots of varieties to wear at extremely affordable prices.

It is also commonly believed that gemstones beads have healing properties and are used in curing common ailments for a long time. They are perceived to have psychic powers and desired effects are obtained when they are used in prescribed shapes, sizes and weight. The scientific proof of all this has remained a moot point for many many years.

Coming back to bead work as an art, the first glance will make you believe it as an easy job to do. Though in order to create a masterpiece, one needs to learn the various techniques, practice and methodologies.

Beads Exporters says a lots of variety of beads are out there which are usually unknown to most of us. Some of these varieties are Pearl beads, Glass Beads, Crystal Beads, Semi precious stone beads, Seed Beads, Plastic Bead, Metal Beads, Wooden Beads, Stone Beads, Bone Beads etc.

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