Best Sterilizers On The Market Today

When it comes to your baby, many parents place having a clean living environment somewhere near the top of their priority list. No parent wants to see their child get sick, especially when it is a very young child who is perhaps still taking bottles to feed. That is where sterilizers have come into play and have been helping parents keep their children’s bottles germ free.

There are a variety of sterilizers available on the market today, everything from sterilizers that you simply leave on the counter and forget about to bottle sterilizers that you pop in the microwave. Before you purchase a bottle sterilizer, it is important to understand that it is not for cleaning the bottles. Prior to use, you should always wash your baby’s bottles before putting them through the process of sterilization.

As previously stated, many baby bottle sterilizers are available to fit practically every parent’s needs as well as their budget. There are simple microwave sterilizers, that involve placing the bottles on a rack, filling the bottom tray with water, then allowing sterilizer the microwave to create steam to sterilize the bottles. Still others may remind you of steaming vegetables, with a plastic bag setup, as opposed to a rack and tray, that you pop into the microwave as well. There are also electric counter-top sterilizers that might fit in on your counter right next to your toaster. These sterilizers have their own dedicated heating element that will create the steam necessary to sterilize the bottles. These electric sterilizers even come with cycle settings in order to repeat the sterilization process at predetermined intervals throughout the day.

Technology has certainly come a long way when it comes to keeping our babies, and their bottles, germ-free and healthy. Instead of boiling bottles and nipples on the stove, possibly forgetting about them and “overcooking” the bottle, we now have a wide array of convenient tools to make parenting that much easier. Is there one bottle sterilizer that fits everyone? Not necessarily. It all depends on what fits your budget, as well as your needs and preferences as a parent.

Here are the top rated Baby Bottle Sterilizer on
1 – Microwave Steam Sterilizer by Dr. Brown’s
2 – Philips Avent Express Microwave Sterilizer
3 – Germ Guardian Dry Heat Nursery Sanitizer

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There are several reviews of the best baby Bottle Sterilizers from some of the top manufacturers like Philips Avent, Dr. Brown’s and Germ Guardian.

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