Electric Stair Lift – The True Meaning of Liberating Mobility at Your Home

On one hand, it is great to have a big house with many storeys, yet on the other, it might not be that great if you are getting on in years or having physical difficulty in climbing stairs. The alternatives need not be as drastic as leaving your long time home to move on to a single storey one. aritco homelift A stair chair lift, essentially the electric stair lift would probably be the less drastic solution to that could enable you to climb stairs again.

The stair chair lift consists of features like a seat pan, arm rests, foot rests, seat belt, movement control, and soft start and stop function which moves up or down a custom fitted railing. If you are suffering from lumbar pain, you would prefer a smoother ride as jerks and abrupt stops would cause pain to the lower back. In these instances, a smooth ride with the soft start and stop function is key to your choice. Electric stair lift are driven either by the normal home electricity supply or the battery operated power pack. Both have their pros and cons.

Using the home electricity will make your device as reliable as your electricity supply. So if you reside in an area whereby electricity supply is often subject to power outage, and is highly unreliable, it is suggested that you opt for the battery operated power pack version. The main reason is simple enough. Imagine yourself strapped into your electric stair lift and are moving half way up the stairs when your home electric supply suddenly stopped. You would be literally stranded in the middle of the stairs. On the other hand, should you be living in an area which seldom experiences power outage, a battery backup system for the lift may not be necessary. In addition, the electricity consumption is minuscule to say the least.

The cost of owning one could run up to more than 7,000 dollars and is often the main obstacle to owning one. But this is simply a fraction when compared to installing a home lift which would set one back by at least 35,000 to 45,000 dollars. Alternatively you might also wish to explore recycled or used electric stair lift which could cost less.

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