Find the Best Cellulite Cream – Beat Orange Peel Legs by Finding What Works

Finding the best cellulite cream is not always easy. The endless options can leave you confused, and if you are searching on the Internet for the perfect cream to battle the “orange peel” legs, you may easily have hundreds of options! There are more cellulite creams out there than you can possibly name. So how do you know which ones work, and better yet, which one is right for you?  hip cream

Contrary to what many marketers might have you believe, there is nothing that you can purchase over-the-counter that can actually cure cellulite. What cellulite creams actually do is to smooth and tighten your skin, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite. So the best cellulite creams are ones that really do the job of firming up your skin.

The best ingredient to look for in a cellulite cream is collagen. Collagen is proven to improve your skin’s condition, and the substance “retinol” helps in collagen production. So if you find a cellulite cream containing both collagen and retinol, that’s great! As an added bonus, look for a cream that contains DMAE. This is an antioxidant found in fish and other seafood, and it works to enhance and firm your skin.

Other creams will contain caffeine, which is believed to boost circulation to the skin area and help increase the metabolism of fat cells, one of the big culprits in forming cellulite in the first place. Caffeine is a diuretic, and that will help rid the area of extra water. Water retention can lead to increased cellulite, so caffeine is a good ingredient to have!

If you’re concerned about creams which contain manufactured chemicals, there are lots of herbal creams available that might do the trick. Most of them use citric acids, which are taken from fruits. These ingredients can help tighten up the skin almost as well as collagen does.

The key to using cellulite creams effectively is to do it continuously. You will have to use the creams for several months to achieve the results you want – and that’s why so many of the bogus creams sell! By the time the user realizes the cream isn’t working, the sham artist has already made a fortune. Stick to creams that contain scientifically-proven ingredients, such as collagen and retinol. That’s the only way you can try to ensure that you are making a good choice for the best cellulite cream on the market.

Keep in mind that cellulite cream alone won’t help you to rid yourself of a cellulite problem. Use of a cellulite cream has to be combined with a healthy diet and lots of exercise! The thinner your thighs and hips are, the less cellulite will be visible. Eat foods that are good for you, stick to a good exercise program that works your overall body, and add exercises that target your hips and thighs. Not only will you look better, you will feel better, too!

Finding the best cellulite cream for you can be a challenge, as what works for one woman might not work for another. Take your time and keep searching. Soon you will find the one that works most effectively for you.

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