How to find a suitable bike or two wheeler tyre online

Unlike most online buying sprees that we indulge at a moment’s notice nowadays, purchasing tyres online is a slightly difficult task. You should do a complete research about your tyre requirements, driving habits, road conditions, weather conditions, and many such more before starting to buy two wheeler tyre online. Although buying online will not only simplify your shopping process while providing you with some of the various deals that will make them cheaper than buying from a normal brick and mortar store.


Here are some useful tips to help you buy bike tyre online:

  1. Need for replacement: Tyres wear out usually every five years with constant use. The road conditions and individual driving styles as well as regular tyre maintenance also have a factor in wearing out your tyre faster than in five year. Also consider if you want to replace both or just one tyre as tyres do not wear out simultaneously. Though we suggest that both tyres should be replaced together for better driving experience.
  2. Know your tyre: If the last tyre you are using has given you good care then it is an easy task to buy two wheeler tyre online. Otherwise you will have to go through the choices and take suggestions if needed from tyre dealers regarding which tyre will suit you best.
  3. Tyre size: Having options online of larger or thicker tyres is quite tempting to provide that additional flair to your ride. But err on the side of caution and always check your user’s manual for the right size of tyre and check the chosen tyre’s performance under different driving conditions like winter tyres, summer tyre or all-weather tyre.
  4. Read reviews: Browsing a website to buy bike tyre online has a plus side in terms of customer reviews and ratings that will give you a fair idea about the quality of the tyre and the reliability of the brand.
  5. Compare price: It becomes much more convenient to compare prices of the same tyre and brand at different sites online before you make your final selection to get a better price.
  6. Fitting the tyre: We advise that one gets the tyre fitted from a certified workshop or technician instead of doing it on your own which will cost a bit but will provide much needed peace of mind.


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