How To Make An Android App Using Appmakr Software

Appmakr is free software that allows people to make iOS and Android apps. The good side with the software is that you don’t need to have coding skills to use it.

Another advantage is that the software is easy to use. To use it you need to go to Appmakr’s official website and enter the name of the app that you want to create. You should then click on “get started” and sign into the site using your Gmail, Facebook, twitter, or yahoo account.

After signing in you should fill in the details on the first page. Some of the information that you need to fill on this page include: name, color and design, background image and splash-screen image of the app.

If you don’t want to use the design or image on the site you can upload your own. When uploading your image you should Gb whatsapp ensure that the image has the right dimensions. The ideal dimensions are: 768 pixels wide X 1024 pixels high.

Once you have provided this information you should click on the “next” button and you will be taken to a page where you will need to enter the functions of the app.

Some of the functions that you need to enter are: calendar and community functions. To set the calendar function you need to find the iCal link and copy it.

You should go back to the machine and click on the events drop down menu. You should drag the calendar icon to the phone interface area and then paste iCal link in the URL field. After doing this you should save your work.

Community is a function that allows users of the same app to post shout outs and leave messages for everyone involved with the community feature. Many people liken it to the Facebook wall.

To set this function you need to click and drag the community icon and then personalize the it with your own icon, page background and your welcome message. You should then save your work once everything is in order.

Once you have customized the app you should now publish it. You can publish on Android and HTML5 platforms for free or you can publish on Appmakr’s mobile market for $1/month. If you have money to spend, you can publish on all platforms (iPhone, HTML 5 and Android) for $9 per month.

After publishing you should download the app from the QR or URL code provided.

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