How’s Your Inner Game?

Although by the time you are reading this it may all be over for him, I have just watched Andy Murray complete an extraordinary comeback in his 4th round match at Wimbledon against Richard Gasquet. Two sets and a service break down in the third it looked all but over for Murray, yet he dug deep and came back to win the match. Not only did it provide me with some of the most exciting tennis I have seen in many years, but also I was utterly transfixed watching the ‘Inner Game’ of the two men. This was in many ways much more a psychological battle than a physical one.

And it got me thinking again!

How much attention do we pay to our own Inner Wimbledon Removals Game of Business? We have within us the power to become our business’ greatest asset, or its downfall and it can be a simple case of how we talk to ourselves.

Our minds are incredibly powerful and ultimately obedient and once you understand how to feed and nurture them, great things grow. Wasn’t it Henry Ford who famously said, ‘Whether you believe you can or cannot, you are right.’

Your beliefs dictate your behaviour or action, and your behaviour or action dictates your success. Therefore what you believe about yourself and your business are directly related to your success.

So here are 5 ideas I want to share with you to Boost Your Inner Game:

Believe You Can, And You Will

You have a choice, you can either get your mind to work for you or against you. If you spend your time telling yourself why you won’t succeed you will feed your negative inner voice or the ‘devil on your shoulder’. Your negative inner voice is completely obedient and will agree with you wholeheartedly whilst bringing forward more evidence from your memory of reasons that you will not succeed. However, your positive inner voice or the ‘angel’ is equally as obedient and will generate the evidence to support your positive statements.

Give it a try! Tell yourself today is a rotten day – how does your negative inner voice react? Does it provide you with reasons that today will be rotten? It’s too hot/cold? Sales are going to be down? Working for yourself is an uphill struggle?

Now tell yourself this is a great day – watch how your angel springs into action to support your new decision with examples of why today is great and filled with opportunity.

Excuses Are Not An Option

Most of suffer, at one time or another, with ‘excusitis’. We can make excuses about our lack of success about pretty much anything – intelligence, health, upbringing, luck, age. The truth is that excusitis is, as coined by David J. Schwartz, the ‘failure disease’. Challenge your excuses by taking a step back and looking to see if your excuse really is an obstacle that cannot be overcome in some way.

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