Johann Sebastian Virtually Whacks Harpsichordist

(The pieces and rivalries of Johann Sebastian Bach, as told by his first spouse, Maria Barbara.)

At the point when Johann Sebastian isn’t venturing out to test organs or playing in the Duke’s voyaging ensemble, he is occupied at the court working with his enormous ensemble. Why they sing like experts and JS gets such a great amount of delight from hearing his cantatas performed so delightfully.

My significant other makes progress toward flawlessness in the entirety of his works whether they are consecrated or common. He consistently engraves his scores with the letters J.J. (Jesu, Juva: “Jesus, help”) toward the start and S.D.G. (Soli Deo Gloria: “to God alone the wonder”) toward the end.

Why, even in a little volume of pieces Johann Sebastian wrote to begin educating Wilhelm Friedemann, our most established child, how to play the harpsichord, the “Clavierbuchlein”, he composed the letters I.N.J. (In Nomine Jesu: “in the Name of Jesus”) on the main page of music. My Bach never sheds his religion when he forms for guidance or other mainstream purposes. yeshua significado bĂ­blico He realizes that his mainstream and holy music are utilized with various writings and in various environment, however he essentially doesn’t perceive a distinction on a fundamental level between the two.

My better half is turning into an increasingly renowned, as an organist as well as an author and harpsichordist too. Indeed, he just returned from Dresden where he was welcome to contend in a challenge with the most celebrated harpsichordist of France, Louis Marchand. Also, what a story that is!

Johann Sebastian was excited with the encouragement to go up against this well known Marchand in light of the fact that, all things considered, Marchand is the harpsichordist to King Louis XIV of France. Louis Marchand likewise has a few volumes of distributed pieces and we were informed that he plays in a most rich and refined style.

My better half energetically went to Dresden a couple of days before the challenge to set up his opposition music. I envision Monsieur Marchand likely heard Johann rehearsing, on the grounds that individuals are simply attracted to JS when he plays!

As my better half let me know, the named time showed up and a huge organization of people of high position and both genders assembled for the challenge. The Count who was supporting the challenge was there just as an enormous gathering of spectators. After this was an immense occasion in Dresden between two colossal entertainers.

My significant other was there and prepared to play, however Marchand was definitely not. Everybody paused and paused, including my significant other who was to play first. Still the celebrated Frenchman, Louis Marchand didn’t show up! After a long pause, the visitors were educated that Marchand had all of a sudden left Dresden by the early morning quick mentor. My Bach won the challenge of course!

I simply know Monsieur Marchand heard my heavenly Johann Sebastian rehearsing and ad libbing and was frightened! Truly frightened! Marchard acknowledged he may play day by day for King Louis XIV of France, the “Sun King,” however that he was no counterpart for the incomparable Johann Sebastian Bach, Organist and Kapellmeister of the Court of Saxe-Weimar! So rather than a challenge, the Count and his visitors heard a stupendous show, performed by the best harpsichordist on the planet, my Johann!

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