Online Printing Vs Local Printing

With the advent of internet, online printing has become a more convenient option, where placing an order can be done in an instant. However, one cannot completely do away with the idea of local printing. Getting printing done from your local print shops has several advantages over online printing.

You would obviously want to have the printing done per your requirements as well as to your satisfaction. For instance, when getting a brochure done for your business, a local print shop can show you a trial run, where you can physically check quality. This is not possible with online printing, which might be a good option when you need copies of something that has already been printed through a local printer.

Your local print shop is easily accessible and you can discuss your requirements in detail. One-to-one contact with the person who is going to take the prints helps if you want a particular effect or type of setting on your prints. You can also conduct a survey of the local market and find out the price as well as actually see some of their previous work. This is only available in the form of images if using a online printing company. On the other hand, online printing companies offer several services along with premade templates for you to choose from. This may work in some cases such as printing business or greeting cards. However, many time you would obviously want your own design for printing leaflets or advertisements.

Getting your prints done by an online print shops london company requires you or your employees to have some knowledge of computers. This is because everything from placing an order to making the payment is done online. You also need to transfer the documents to be printed online. Even if this looks quite convenient, training people on placing the orders on computer can be a hassle.

Printing from a local print shop also helps the economy of your region, helping the local business grow. Online printing is also not ideal for small scale printing. For instance, if you need a certain amount of business cards once in six months, an online printer would cost you more than a local print shop. This is because most online printing companies charge a large fee towards shipping.

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