Steps on Creating a Homemade Pepper Spray

There are many devices today designed to keep you safe. Self-defense devices are already available for you to purchase but there are times that you can no longer own one for you have no budget for this. With this you can utilize the things that you have at home or get hold of the cheap raw materials in the creation of an effective security product.

It is not a problem if you do not have enough money to buy a device that is ready to use. There are practical means that you can do by just figuring out the exact thing to make. Have you ever heard of making your own self-defense product at home? If not, this is really possible. delay spray in pakistan With your time and effort, you can produce a pepper spray even when you are just at home.

This security product is being used to escape from harmful events and a priceless tool to benefit from. By spraying it to the attacker’s eyes, it can temporarily blind the person and causes a burning sensation on the skin giving you ample time to run from an unsafe situation. Although, this is already out in the market, if you are out of budget, here is an easy guide on how to make it at home.

To start with, you need to gather and prepare the needed materials which includes clean empty container of a body spray, liquid strainer, spoon, small glass, alcohol, baby oil, funnel and red and hot powdered pepper. These are the materials that you can easily find at your own home.

The next thing that you can do is to create your own mixture. Get the small glass and put two tablespoons of powdered hot pepper. Pour alcohol for about one to a half-inch of the glass you are using. Get your spoon and mix the two ingredients properly together. Assure that there are no chunks left. After doing so, pour the baby oil for also about two tablespoons and stir it for a few minutes.

Now, after the ingredients are totally blended, strain the mixture into the empty body spray container. Get your funnel so your work will not be messy then start to strain it. Get the cap of the bottle then close it. You are now done with creating this kind of security spray. Remember to place it in a place away from your kid’s reach for this is hazardous and have a proper precaution when you are to use the homemade pepper spray.

By following these simple steps of making a self-defense tool at home you can protect your loved ones and yourself from harm. It is easy to make and you will just spend a little of your time and effort to finish a security product. You can only spend less or none at all most especially if the materials that you need are already available in your own home. If an attacker or if someone will break in inside your home you can use your item to stop them from doing a bad act.

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