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Men engage in solo penis play all the time, but most would agree that it’s even more fun when a partner participates. As long as these sex games don’t do anything to negatively affect a guy’s penis health, there’s no reason not to explore some fun activities that are focused on the rod. The following are just a few suggestions; letting one’s imagination roam free will create dozens more.

Artistic expression.

An erect penis can provide artistically-inclined couples with an excellent way to express their aesthetic selves (using body paints in order to help protect sensitive penis skin). Let the partner induce an appropriately firm erection and then take turns dipping the “brush” into the paint and stroking it onto a waiting canvas.

Open mic night.

Aspiring comics and singers can get plenty of practice for upcoming performances by using their partner’s hard penis as a practice mic. And, men, don’t be afraid to remind the partners that sometimes they need to tap the mic to make sure it’s on or may need to practically swallow it in Top 10 Best Wireless gaming mouse order for it to work most effectively.

20 Questions.

This is a simple variation on the classic game, in which a man thinks of an animal, vegetable or mineral and his partner asks yes or no questions to try to guess what he is. The penis play twist here is that, instead of verbally answering yes or no, he strokes his stiff rod a set number of times for each answer – say, three times for no, six times for yes. The partner wants to ask enough yes questions to get the man to ejaculate.

An alternative version: the partner keeps vigorously stroking the man’s penis while asking questions. If the answer is yes, she keeps stroking; if no, she stops for 10 seconds before asking the next question. Again, the goal is to bring about a release.

Bubble wrap fun.

Who doesn’t like popping the little inflated domes on a roll of bubble wrap? But men can make it a bit more challenging (and fun). Have one’s partner hit each bubble with one’s boner in order to pop them.

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