Web Design Tips to Build a Profitable Online Business

When you walk into a major department store it can sometimes feel overwhelming and although there may be signs pointing towards various departments, for the first few seconds, it is almost impossible to see them owing to so much other information bombarding your retinas. It is exactly the same for visitors that arrive on your landing page; finding their way around can be daunting whilst moving images distract and scrolling sales messages whiz by too fast.

A digital agency offering good web design should follow the old sales mantra: Keep It Simple Sam. It can be tempting for designers and e-marketers to pump web design agency london a website full of fantastic imagery which can be overwhelming to such a degree that a once interested visitor clicks the Back button simply to escape the onslaught.

Complementary sales
Once a customer has selected a particular product to buy it may be a good idea for your e-commerce web program to suggest a few complementary products, which may well double the value of a sale. There is no doubt that when the buying decision has been made, it is much easier to increase the value of a sale than start all over again with another customer. In other words, if a shopper is buying a hairbrush it is the right time to offer a comb and, possibly, other hairdressing products.

Payment choice
Paying online always gives people pause for thought and although big, third party payment vehicles such as PayPal and World Pay are almost 100% secure, some purchasers still prefer to talk to a human and to give credit card details over the phone rather than enter their card number and three-digit security number online. Therefore, contact details should be clearly displayed including, if possible, postal address, email and phone number. Seeing those contact details always gives people added confidence when buying as they know that there is a person at the end of the line if something were to go wrong.

Ask for comments
It’s always good practice to include a feedback form as you can use favourable comments to give comfort to future online shoppers and any negative comments can be used by your online e-commerce marketing agency to improve your online operations.

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