Your Privileges For Knowing the Dream Language

The scientific method of dream interpretation gives you real privileges, because the things you’ll discover for knowing the meaning of the mysterious dream language are things that nobody else knows, and that you would never be able to learn otherwise.

The dream language is made by images instead of words. These images reflect common places, known people, and various past situations of our lives; they don’t show us things that we have never seen before.

This is why some people tend to believe that we can understand their meaning by ourselves, especially when the dream images are about familiar things to us.

However, the attempt to interpret the meaning of dreams without having 1998 menh gi studied the dream language according to the scientific method is absurd. Just like we cannot understand the meaning of a foreign language simply because it uses a familiar alphabet, we cannot interpret the meaning of dreams only based on our opinion.

If we want to understand the dream language, we have to learn the dream logic. Without studying it, and without learning the meaning of the dream symbols, we cannot successfully interpret dreams.

The real meaning of dreams was discovered by Carl Jung. While using his method of dream interpretation, I continued his research and discovered a lot more. I confirmed his discoveries in my work by using recent scientific discoveries in various fields that complete his pioneer research in dream analysis.

Later I simplified this complicated method. I discovered the origin of all the absurdity existent in the human mind. I furthered discovered the true divinity of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams.

Today you can immediately learn what took a century to be discovered, and immediately reap all the privileges that this knowledge can give you.

You’ll be able to predict the future and prepare its development according to your plans; you’ll acquire perfect mental and physical health, having infinite advantages.

Because you’ll have access to a superior font of information, you’ll be able to analyze other people’s psyche as if you were invisible and you could penetrate their minds.

You will have information about the personality, the past, and the present life of the person you love. The unconscious mind is very generous, and gives you detailed explanations concerning your relationship.

You will be able to decipher any mystery. This means that you will be able to solve problems that seemed impossible to be solved, cure diseases that had no cure, understand what nobody else can understand, discover hidden thieves, relocate disappeared objects, and have a million other advantages.

The unconscious mind is the most perfect doctor you could ever find. It can cure all diseases and mental illnesses. You only have to precisely follow its guidance in order to attain the positive results you desire, even when everything is discouraging and everyone else before you has failed.

The unconscious mind knows everything. There is no mystery that it cannot decipher or explain to you.

It is only because you will have access to the unconscious wisdom provided through dreams, that you will have superior power and many privileges in all life situations.

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